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     WHY choose US?
     Both financially and emotionally, your home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever
     make. You should enjoy many years of happiness in it. However, like almost everything
     else, a home needs regular maintenance and home repair. That’s where Site Solutions
     Building Services (SSBS) comes in. Today, there are things you want to get done around 
     the house. That can mean anything from replacing a kitchen countertop, to drywall 
     repairs, to remodeling or painting a room and more. 

     At Site Solutions Building Services (SSBS), no job is too small – from hanging a picture to
     grouting the tile in your bathroom.  Too busy to repair that bedroom window?  Not so 
     good with the paintbrush?  Don't have a clue about how to replace a water heater? 
     Want to add a Security Gate, add some Stone or Brickwork to the inside or outside of
     your home?  Want to reduce your energy bills?  Need plumbing or electrical work done, 
     our subcontractors are all experienced craftsmen and most of them have worked with us 
     for many years. AND we're here to help. Whatever your problem, don't even 
     think about it for another second - 

     Guiding You to the Right Choices is very important to us.  We understand it's not always 
     easy to make construction decisions for your home and office. That's why we're here as
     your guide, to help you select the appropriate products and systems for your job - ones
     that are healthy, energy efficient, and cost effective.

     Whether it's because you lack the time or expertise, SSBS can step in and handle your home
     enhancements, repair and maintenance tasks.  An experienced, professional can handle all
     the small projects around your home or commercial property.  In fact, many people have
     found that the best way to use us is to have us work on their complete "To Do List." You
     don't have to worry about "bothering" us with your small jobs. Site Solutions Building 
     Services (SSBS) is also happy to offer handyman services for those small or odd jobs that
     you need to have done. These are handled by one of our Master Craftsmen on either a 
     time and materials basis or, in most cases, we can provide a fixed quote. 

     However we do not stop there. If you have a larger project, we will be happy to schedule
     an appointment for an experienced estimator to visit with you. They will discuss your needs
     and advise on the best way to complete your project both efficiently and cost effectively.
     That’s the SSBS difference.

     No matter your needs, we have the solution.  We at SSBS are trained on the importance of
     customer service, producing high quality work, and leaving the work area tidy and clean
     to your satisfaction. Our office then calls to confirm you are satisfied with the work that 
     was completed. That’s the SSBS difference.

     Remember, “One Call Does It ALL!” and we believe that. We offer you the most
     professional Team of Service Providers for your Residential or Commercial property 
     needs-one that really does give you peace of mind. and we welcome the opportunity to
     convince you that, even more important than the tools and materials used, are the
     principles and practices that we bring to every project. Call Site Solutions Building Services
     today for your commercial  and residential enhancements, repair and handyman needs!

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